The Sowerby and Luff Show Ep.2

Another all-new podcast with award-winning duo Brian & Georgina. Do plants know if we’re eating them? Plus, unusual shaped mattresses, line dancing snails and fake banana news. Also, the life and times of Lady Horsebucket of Winthorp, women dressed as cabbages, an update on Name That Horse and a duck with a ladder. Follow this show with Sowerby & Luff’s Fully Optimised Social media Network on Facebook.

The Sowerby and Luff Christmas Show 2018

Brian & Georgina are back! Bumper festive fun from award-winning comedy duo Sowerby & Luff. Yes, it’s time for B&G to once again huddle around their tiny Christmas tree, sip their egg nog, and recount magical tales of upside-down Christmas trees, mysteriously materialising pants and a person called St Bugga of Thanet. Plus, Name That Horse, festive recipes with Le Raymonde Le Blanc and a great big fluffy pair of elf slippers. Now on Spotify, it’s the Sowerby & Luff Show from London!


Happy Holidays!

Brian & Georgina will be in the  studio this week recording their 14th annual yuletide podcast. Regular listeners will know that their performance is substantially enhanced by a generous supply of delicious egg nog, so here’s your chance to be an important contributor to the show!

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