Christmas Ads 2012

Oh no, it’s time for another batch of sick-making Christmas ads. We all cried buckets at last year’s John Lewis ad in which a cute little boy looked forward to Christmas, not because of his own greed, but because he wanted to give his mum a lovely present. Yeah, right.

This year’s ad is called ‘The Journey” and it opens in a family’s fake snow-covered garden, with the kids making a snowman and a snow woman. When the snowman mysteriously disappears next morning, we’re all left wondering where he’s gone.

Turns out he’s popped to the shops to do a bit of last-minute Christmas shopping. Unfortunately, this family live so far from the shops that the snowman has to climb mountain peaks and cross raging rivers to get there. Clearly they live north of Watford.

Miraculously, the snowman manages to make this journey without moving a single muscle in his body, save for his eyebrows. Yes, John Lewis have invented a brand new type of animation – a type of animation where nothing moves at all except the camera. Which, you have to admit, is quite clever, and much, much cheaper than the more traditional type of animation where the characters do things.

The ad is set to a delightful cover version of Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s “Power of Love” – a former Yuletide number one sung by 20 year old rising star Gabrielle Aplin – an inspired choice of music that adds much needed production value to what is otherwise a rather limp concept.