The Sowerby and Luff Show S18:E1

Award-winning duo Brian Luff and Georgina Sowerby are back with an all new series of podcasts for 2019. Smoking tigers, useless Cellotape dispensers and 129 ways to find a sexist husband. Plus, baked bean tins containing the souls of the dead, sheep that recognise each other and a king who thought he was made out of glass.

The Sowerby and Luff Christmas Show 2018

Brian & Georgina are back! Bumper festive fun from award-winning comedy duo Sowerby & Luff. Yes, it’s time for B&G to once again huddle around their tiny Christmas tree, sip their egg nog, and recount magical tales of upside-down Christmas trees, mysteriously materialising pants and a person called St Bugga of Thanet. Plus, Name That Horse, festive recipes with Le Raymonde Le Blanc and a great big fluffy pair of elf slippers. Now on Spotify, it’s the Sowerby & Luff Show from London!

Happy Holidays!

Brian & Georgina will be in theΒ Β studio this week recording their 14th annual yuletide podcast. Regular listeners will know that their performance is substantially enhanced by a generous supply of delicious egg nog, so here’s your chance to be an important contributor to the show!

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