Multi Award-Winning Content

Sowerby & Luff’s award-winning short films and web series have won prizes at film festivals all over the world, and their podcasts have been downloaded over 12 million times. You can find S&L’s audio shows on Apple Podcasts and their video content via Smart TV’s on Twisted Mirror and at Studio Senseless on Prime Video

The duo’s surreal animated film The Man Whose Head Was a Big Teapot was an award winner at Milan’s Absurd Film Festival in May 2022. In 2021 their film Kiss Froggy Kiss won Best Animated Short at the Europe Film Festival and Best Music Video at the Stockholm City Film Festival and the European International Film Festival. It was also a finalist at the Sweden Film Awards and the Rome Music Video Awards.

During the past 20 years, Sowerby & Luff have created a wealth of content for television, radio, stage, print and digital media. Welcome to the wonderful world of Sowerby & Luff…