Botanical Gardens, Singapore

Sowerby & Luff write…

We jumped into another cab and headed for the Botanical Gardens.
“The world-famous Botanical Gardens, please” we said to the driver.
“Where’s that?” he said.

The gardens were huge, and packed with giant jungle plant life. They also had the noisiest insects you’ve ever heard in your life.
“What do you think of Singapore so far?” asked Georgina.
“Pardon?” I said.

Gasping for breath in the stifling heat, we strolled into the Orchid Garden, which was full of tourists. We sat and watched one group of Japanese orchid enthusiasts take it in turns to stand in front of a particular species of orchid, take a photograph, then move on to the next species of orchid. When they’d done this about fifteen times, I turned to Georgina.
“How many species of orchid do they have in here?” I asked.
She consulted the guidebook. “Three thousand,” she said.
We wandered from tree to unrecognisible tree and recorded the introduction to our Singapore podcast. Past Swan Lake, through fountains and pagodas, and into formally planted areas of quiet solace, filled with Bonsai trees. After 20 minutes we were knackered.
“I need to take shower,” said Georgina.
“Pass me the oxygen,” I said.