In 2009 Georgina and I were back in Edinburgh with another showcase gig called “Sowerby & Luff’s All Stars”. The plan was that we would compere the first week of the show then come back to London leaving the gig to be hosted by a variety of guest hosts. This seemed like a good idea at the time, but turned out to be fairly disasterous. For a variety of reasons the producer Richard Cray fell out with the venue and with the guy who runs the Free Fringe – an old mate of mine called Peter Buckley Hill. It all ended in tears when Richard closed the show down with just two nights to go.

As well as specific security issues with the venue, Richard’s complaint was that the Free Fringe was chaotic and badly run. I suppose I have to partly agree with him. It’s not always the slickest operation on the planet. But then, that’s half the charm of it.

But two days later Peter Buckley Hill was presented with the prestigious Edinburgh Spirit of the Fringe Award. So he must have been doing something right. Richard Cray and I have not worked together since. Which is a pity.

Edinburgh 2009: A Fringe Too Far
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