If you’re at the Edinburgh fringe this year, there’s a great little app to help you track down the best shows and gigs.

The Fringe Society has got together with Virgin Money and designed an App for iPhone, iPad and Android which allows you to access comprehensive, up-to-the-minute show information directly from your mobile device. It includes full listings, daily Half Price Hut listings and an easy to use search functionality where you can find out what’s on tomorrow, today or even right now.

The app shows you exactly where you are in Edinburgh at that very moment, and sticks a pin in the map for every show that’s within a few yards from you and about to start – including hundreds of great free shows on the PBH Free Fringe.  When I think how many times I could have used that App on my many visits to Edinburgh – the number of times I’ve had an hour to kill, wondered what to go and see – and ended up strolling into a leaking church hall and watching a bunch of half-pissed students trying to perform Abigail’s Party.

My only criticism is that it would be nice to also be able to access press reviews, but speaking as a veteran of the fringe, I think this is a well designed and neat  application. And the price is right: It’s available FREE from the iPhone App Store and Android Market

If you’re taking your iPad to Edinburgh (and watch out for the pick pockets on the Mound, by the way) the iPad version is available from the iPad App store. This provides access to the complete 2011 Fringe Programme as well as the Festivals Edinburgh Daily Guide, which offers a daily update of the show listings for all the summer festivals in Edinburgh during August.

Edinburgh Fringe App – Review
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