Cheesy Wotsits & the History of Western Philosophy by Brian Luff
“Jean-Paul Sartre had eyes that looked in different directions, so you never really knew in which direction he was philosophising.” This book is about nothing. In mathematics there’s only one way for nothing to exist, but there are an infinite number of ways for there to be something. So “something” is therefore more stable than “nothing”. Which means that the more cluttered the universe is, the more stable it becomes.
Does this mean that clutter is good? Brian Luff sets out to prove that it does. Along the way he walks us through a card-carrying Philistine’s view of Western philosophy. There’ll also be football, internet dating, yoghurt- making and hundreds of bags of low fat cheese puffs. Plus, how do you play the game of Pogs, and what constitutes the perfect piece of toast? If all this sounds a bit complicated, don’t worry, he dumbs it down quite a lot. Cheesy Wotsits and the History of Western Philosophy will change your life for at least ten minutes.
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Cheesy Wotsits & the History of Western Philosophy
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