Symphony of Lights, Hong Kong

Sowerby & Luff write…

Symphony of Lights creates “a stunning all-round vision of the coloured lights in Hong Kong, performing an unforgettable spectacle along the harbour front.”

“Has it started yet?” I asked a fellow tourist with a video camera.
“Yes, five minutes ago” she said.
“I hadn’t noticed” I said.

The light show claims to celebrate the energy, spirit and diversity of Hong Kong, but the truth is, they just flash the lights on and off on the buildings for 18 straight minutes. They even introduce each building individually, as their own lights join in the party.
“Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome The Sun Hung Kai Centre! Put your hands together for the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts! Give it up for the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre! Show your appreciation for the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Forces Building!”

Our eyes were just beginning to glaze over as the announcer finally reached the end of his list about ten minutes later.
“And last but not least, a huge round of applause for the Standard Chartered Bank Building!”
It’s fairly impressive when they use laser beams at the end of the show, but apart from that, the Symphony of Lights is a bit of a disappointment. Hong Kong itself is such a spectacular skyline after dark, that it really doesn’t need event management to enhance it.