Monday Tuesday Banana

“Intelligent, fun and fresh” New Cinema Festival, Lisbon 2020

Sowerby & Luff’s award-winning web series has now been selected for screening at 15 film festivals around the world – from London to Rome, Lisbon to Sydney.

Winner: Best Web/TV Series New Cinema Lisbon Film Festival 2020, Finalist: Flickfair 2020, Official Selection Prisma Rome Independent Film Awards 2020, Official Selection: London Short Series Festival 2020, Official Selection: Sydney Lift-Off Film Festival 2020, Official Selection: Screenpower Film Festival 2021, Honorable Mention: London Worldwide Comedy Short Film Festival 2020.

This selection of material from Sowerby & Luff’s animated sketch series Monday Tuesday Banana has been specially versioned for the international film festival circuit. The film was produced at Studio Senseless and features a ramshackle cast of animals, insects, germs and humans who perform in a variety of surreal and often confusing sketches. The film was created by Brian Luff, who also directed and animated it and co-wrote the script with partner Georgina Sowerby. Brian and Georgina also supply the voices for the characters. Sowerby & Luff’s short-form animated comedy shows are distributed by Twisted Mirror TV in London and NovoComedy in Paris.