Hobby (2020)

Watch the whole film here for free. Official Selection Côte d’Azur International Festival du Cinéma Sportif 2023. Officla Selection BCN Sports Film Festival Barcelona 2022. Three Honorable Mentions at film festivals in 2021. Semi-finalist, International Moving Film Festival 2020, Screen Power Film Festival & Lift-Off Sessions 2020. In the form of an animated short film, “Hobby” is a quirky little love poem, dedicated to the globally popular table top soccer game of Subbuteo. But the film goes beyond the hobby itself, and enters an odd fantasy world where Subbuteo teams feature the most unexpected players and celebrity participants.

Mark Adolph, son of Subbuteo inventor Peter Adolph, wrote to us recently to say “I just watched your film and really enjoyed it. I had a few laughs as well. The graphics are amazing. Thank you for producing such a lovely, heartfelt piece of film. It means a lot to me. I believe my father would have loved your film, as he loved anything like this, and also that it had been nominated in film festivals. He would have been very proud I am sure. Thank you once again for a fantastic film, I will of course be sharing it with my family!  Kind Regards, Mark.”

Brian Luff says: When I was a kid I spent hours playing Subbuteo with my dad and my school friends. Not that long afterwards, I found myself working as an editorial assistant for ITV Sport. While in that job I played in a fiercely competitive lunchtime Subbuteo league, along with various seasoned sports journalists, TV producers and former professional sportsmen. In more recent years I played Subbuteo with my own sons. When I heard that the game was being relaunched in 2020, I felt moved to write this little love poem to the “subbutiful” game, but the ensuing short film ended up by transporting me to some very weird and unexpected places.