McDonalds apologise for seal pup clubbing advert

McDonald’s has decided to withdraw its latest TV advert, which was criticised for showing a seal pup being clubbed to death.

The fast food giant had already apologised for “upset” caused by the advert, first aired a few days ago. Wildlife charity Save the Seals had “countless calls” from animal lovers saying their children had been upset by the advert and the Advertising Standards Authority said it had received over 55 million complaints.

Filmed in the Antarctic, and with a voiceover by David Attenborough, the 30 second ad features a cute, big eyed seal pup being beaten to death with a cricket bat, by a man dressed as a clown.

A spokesperson for McDonald’s said the advert will be removed from all media this week and it will review its creative process to avoid a repeat. The campaign had been scheduled to run for seven weeks at a cost of £740 million.

“It was never our intention to cause any upset,” read the statement.