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Pets is a fondly remembered adult puppet sitcom that was broadcast on Channel 4 between 2001 and 2002. Written, created and produced by Andrew Barclay and Brian West (aka Brian Luff), it was a show that involved a wide range of unusual and surreal ideas,  with a large helping of swearing thrown in.

If you remember the Pets comedy show you probably spent your Friday nights sitting pissed in front of Channel 4 or MTV in the early hours of the morning.

Source: British Comedy Guide

The entire Pets comedy show is set in a house occupied by four anthropomorphic animals. The head of the household is a large red setter called Hamish (voiced by Ian Angus Wilkie). He sees himself as something of an intellectual, and always has his face (or rather muzzle) in a book or some such periodical.

However, Hamish’s fellow housemates share little interest in his intellectual pursuits. He often gets rather depressed by this, and regularly tries to commit suicide, usually by hanging.

Hamish’s closest housemates is Trevor the bulldog (voiced by Andrew Barclay). While at times showing some cleverness, more often than not Trevor is found skimming through hardcore pornography, humping the furniture and swearing at everyone he encounters.

Davina the Cat (voiced by Sally Elsden) is a Persian blue cat who seems bitter about everything in the universe. Davina often mulls over how she will kill her boyfriend Vince, in between flushing blood-filled plastic bags down the lavatory and swallowing great handfuls of prescription drugs.

JP (voiced by Petros Emanual), is a bald Afrikaans parrot who says he lost all his feathers in a card game. JP lives in a strange world of his own invention, coming up with an assortment of bizarre thoughts on the world while lovingly taking care of a dead goldfish. He also likes to drink his own urine.

The Pets comedy show featured plots such as finding a portal to another dimension in an airing cupboard or seeing a vision of the Archangel Gabriel in the downstairs toilet. In one episode Trevor entered “Stars In Their Eyes” as Marilyn Monroe and no-one in the houses batted an eyelid.

There are 26 episodes in total. The series has been shown in the UK, Australia and Italy – a country in which the puppets became so popular they got their own chat-show on MTV.