Sex Tips for Pandas by Georgina Sowerby & Brian Luff
New special edition out now with added photo section and a brand new final chapter which brings the adventure up to date. This is the full unabridged story of the Sowerby & Luff podcast from day one. Sex Tips for Pandas is a remarkable tale of a couple’s journey around the globe to sort out the mating difficulties of a Giant Panda. Order paperback copy securely online using any of the credit cards or debit cards shown. Book Price: £12.99 Buy Paperback | Kindle Edition  

Hogg Hall by Brian Luff
The official novel of Sowerby & Luff’s narrative spin-off podcast. Hogg Hall is falling down, and the delusional, dysfunctional family of aristocrats who inhabit the house seem powerless to save it. Downton Abbey meets Father Ted in this surreal black comedy which has already found a cult following via its blog and podcast. Hogg Hall is a weird and wonderful world in which you’ll find drunken wine critics, eccentric inventors, witches, ghosts, monsters and gangsters. You’ll also get intimately acquainted with a bumble bee call Anthogrid. Publication Date: 24 July 2016. ISBN 978-1535465465. Format: Paperback / 234 pages / 5.25″ x 8″ Category:  Fiction/Humour.   Buy Paperback

You’re Not Going To Like This by Brian Luff
From Homeland to Downton Abbey, X-Factor to Big Brother, Brian Luff has reviewed hundreds of TV shows and media events over the past couple of years – always with his own unique sense of humour and with his tongue firmly in his cheek. This was a turbulent time for the British media, as it was hit by scandal after scandal in the wake of the Jimmy Savile enquiry. Add to that the death of Margaret Thatcher, the appointment of a new Pope, the London Olympics and the anniversary of the Queen’s coronation, and there have rarely been more lively times in the United Kingdom – much of which is covered in this compilation of columns, blogs and articles. £14.99 Buy Paperback

Cheesy Wotsits & the History of Western Philosophy by Brian Luff
“Jean-Paul Sartre had eyes that looked in different directions, so you never really knew in which direction he was philosophising.” This book is about nothing. In mathematics there’s only one way for nothing to exist, but there are an infinite number of ways for there to be something. So “something” is therefore more stable than “nothing”. Which means that the more cluttered the universe is, the more stable it becomes. Does this mean that clutter is good? Brian Luff sets out to prove that it does. Along the way he walks us through a card-carrying Philistine’s view of Western philosophy. There’ll also be football, internet dating, yoghurt- making and hundreds of bags of low fat cheese puffs. Plus, how do you play the game of Pogs, and what constitutes the perfect piece of toast? If all this sounds a bit complicated, don’t worry, he dumbs it down quite a lot. Cheesy Wotsits and the History of Western Philosophy will change your life for at least ten minutes. 105 pages. Illustrated. Price £8.99 Listen to Promo | Buy Paperback

Juiced Lucid & Other Stories by Brian Luff
In this brand new anthology a number of successful audiobooks by Brian Luff are for the first time released in the form of good old-fashioned printed words. One of them, “Don’t Cry for Me Ricky Villa” has been downloaded from iTunes over 50,000 times, and covers the period when Brian worked as a sports journalist – an experience that also came in very handy while writing the Olympic Games fantasy “Sex On Legs”. The story “Stinkfish” was written more recently while Luff was having what he describes as a depressive episode while working for a creative agency in London. The unfinished and booze-soaked “Melton Thornaby” diaries are part of a fictionalised blog that Luff created while working as editor of the BBC’s offical comedy web site. 280 Pages. Price £11.99  Buy Paperback | Kindle Edition
The Moon’s Not a Virgin Anymore
Brian Luff’s stage comedy which was first performed to critical acclaim on the Edinburgh Fringe in 1991. This is the first time the play has been published in paperback. “Very funny and sexually frank. If you’ve ever wondered if there is sex after death then this ghostly comedy is definitely for you” Evening News.Buy Paperback | Buy Kindle Edition