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Space Planet: Infinite Quest – Ep4

Out now! Hooter’s brain is surgically removed by a marauding alien with a carrot for a nose. After scanning Hooter’s physiology, Miss Jean Doe warns Captain Monster and the crew that they have just 24 hours to get the brain back into the slug’s body or he will die. Meanwhile, the 1950’s retro-style robot tells Admiral Traynors that he is experiencing discrimination from the captain.

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Brian’s new short film about Subbuteo

Semi-finalist, International Moving Film Festival 2020, Official Selection, Screen Power Film Festival & Lift-Off Sessions 2020. In the form of an animated short film, “Hobby” is a quirky little love poem, dedicated to the globally popular table top soccer game of Subbuteo. But the film goes beyond the hobby itself, and enters an odd fantasy world where Subbuteo teams feature the most unexpected players and celebrity participants.

Brian writes: When I was a kid I spent hours playing Subbuteo with my dad and my school friends. Not that long afterwards, I found myself working as an editorial assistant for ITV Sport. While in that job I played in a fiercely competitive lunchtime Subbuteo league, along with various seasoned sports journalists, TV producers and former professional sportsmen. In more recent years I played Subbuteo with my own sons. When I heard that the game was being relaunched in 2020, I felt moved to write this little love poem to the “subbutiful” game, but the ensuing short film ended up by transporting me to some very weird and unexpected places watch it here

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Sowerby and Luff’s Big Thing (Ep1)

Bumper first episode of a classic series of award-nominated podcasts from Brian Luff and Georgina Sowerby – first syndicated back in 2014 and downloaded over 20,000 times. Featuring, an over-popular finger monkey, a man dressed as a horse, a home-made sex doll and a ghost ship crewed by cannibal rats. Plus, on-the-spot fines for drunk students, escaped chickens on a motorway, and a man who can inflate tyres with his nose. Also Georgina cleans her Shakra, and is Brian being stalked by Gareth Malone?

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The Sowerby and Luff Show S18:E12

Happy Holidays from Sowerby & Luff! It’s time for Brian and Georgina to huddle around their tiny Christmas tree, swig their egg nogg and rip open their parcels for the 15th year in a row! This time around they’re talking about Die Hard on ice, cheese board influencers, chicken coops adorned with fairy lights, elves with CCTV, cows wearing VR headsets, giant slugs at the Tate Gallery, cheese graffiti and pigeons wearing cowboy hats. Enjoy.

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The Sowerby and Luff Show S18:E11

Live on tape from foggy London Town, Brian and Georgina are back with a grisly new podcast special for Halloween 2019. A spooky finger bat called Bogart, renting pineapples for parties, left-handed kangaroo boxing in Wales, bloodthirsty ferret-legging in a car park in Yorkshire, manufacturing diamonds from tequila, cowboy lassos for catching muggers on motor scooters and combat juggling. This podcast is sponsored by Mr Hans Fresh Family Food