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Space Planet

Award-winner Prague International Film Festival 2020. Finalist, New Cinema – Lisbon Film Festival 2020. From the creators of award-winning Monday Tuesday Banana comes Space Planet – an action-packed, short-form comedy series – produced by Sowerby & Luff at Studio Senseless in London. The show features a foul-mouthed crew of colourful aliens who steal a starship from Earth and use it to sell carpets around the universe. Yes, you did hear that right. You can watch a compilation of episodes 1 and 2 right now in this exclusive video – specially packaged for the film festival circuit. The rest of the series is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video

Space Planet is directed by Brian Luff, who co-writes it with Georgina Sowerby. He and Georgina also supply the voices for some of the characters. Sowerby & Luff’s short-form animated comedy shows are distributed by Twisted Mirror TV in London and NovoComedy in Paris.

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Monday Tuesday Banana

“Intelligent, fun and fresh” New Cinema Festival, Lisbon 2020

Sowerby & Luff’s award-winning web series has now been selected for screening at nine film festivals around the world – from London to Rome, Lisbon to Sydney.

Winner: Best Web/TV Series New Cinema Lisbon Film Festival 2020, Finalist: Flickfair 2020, Official Selection Prisma Rome Independent Film Awards 2020, Official Selection: London Short Series Festival 2020, Official Selection: Sydney Lift-Off Film Festival 2020, Official Selection: Screenpower Film Festival 2021, Honorable Mention: London Worldwide Comedy Short Film Festival 2020.

This selection of material from Sowerby & Luff’s animated sketch series Monday Tuesday Banana has been specially versioned for the international film festival circuit. The film was produced at Studio Senseless and features a ramshackle cast of animals, insects, germs and humans who perform in a variety of surreal and often confusing sketches. The film was created by Brian Luff, who also directed and animated it and co-wrote the script with partner Georgina Sowerby. Brian and Georgina also supply the voices for the characters. Sowerby & Luff’s short-form animated comedy shows are distributed by Twisted Mirror TV in London and NovoComedy in Paris.

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The Milton Milton Show

Sowerby & Luff’s “Milton Milton Show” is a brand new short-form, animated comedy series produced for mobile syndication platforms. The show is hosted by Milton Milton – a foul-mouthed TV celebrity with the world’s most annoying voice and personality. Milton is aided by a reluctant cast of animals, robots and aliens who he bullies into helping him produce his infamous late night chat show.

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That’s Enough of That

From the studios of Sowerby & Luff in London – a weird, animated sketch comedy web series called THAT’S ENOUGH OF THAT. A compilation from the series is an official selection for screening at the 21 Islands International Short Film Festival 2020 in New York City. It has also been selected for the UK Offline Web Fest and the ICONA Animation Festival 2019, and it received a Special Mention at the UK Seasonal Short Film Festival 2019. The series is syndicated via Twisted Mirror TV and is distributed globally by NovoComedy. Here’s a screener of the festival cut with a few of our favourite bits from episodes 1-6.