Sowerby & Luff Deluxe

Sowerby & Luff are back! Starting 1st February 2023, a brand new series of weekly podcasts from award-winning duo Brian Luff & Georgina Sowerby.

In their new show Sowerby & Luff Deluxe the pair will tackle aliens, weird conspiracy theories & true-life ghost stories, with their unique and highly addictive brand of home-spun humour.

Plus, the return of Don’t Bogart the Finger Monkey, Thesaurus Walrus and His Majesty King Charles III will be popping in to supply regular updates on the NFL.

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Award-winning short film makers, Sowerby & Luff have been podcasting for 17 years and have racked up more than 600 episodes. 11 million unique Libsyn downloads since 2005. You can also enjoy over 200 of the duo’s classic shows, and their animated short films and web series by becoming a patron of their show at

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