Coming in May 2024, Muddeton by Brian Luff is a comic novel about a delusional and dysfunctional dynasty of aristocrats. The book opens with the weirdest funeral you’ve ever attended, then stretches over a period of two hundred and fifty years – describing the history of the hapless and corrupt Hogg-Marchmont family, from the middle of the 18th century to the present day.

Based on Brian’s popular podcast Hogg Hall, Muddleton focuses relentlessly on the inebriation, selfishness and sheer gothic stupidity of the English nobility. Meanwhile, the author’s portrayal of marital strife, sexual frustration and family rivalry is often truthful and poignant.

Bizarre fishing trips, hair-raising shooting parties and chaotic wine tastings, alternate with bitter scenes of human vanity and weakness, in a work that is surreal, imaginative and often hilarious. Readers will also encounter witchcraft, spirits, angels, rogue bumble bees and Morris Dancers.

Muddleton has been described as Downton Abbey meets Father Ted on a rainy afternoon. You just might like it. For more information, contact us here

Publisher: The Book Guild
Price: £8.99.